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Cat’s Claw

Here is a study on the plant Cat’s Claw and its potential for preventing/repairing hearing loss after noise damage.

Weaponizing the Classics

BAP describes how the Classics are weaponized against us by “academics” like Donna Zuckerface.

Cervantes and Simulation

The plight at the heart of Modernity, the infected wound in our politics and in the heart of Don Quixote, is the incommensurability of our ideology with our world. For Quixote, the void between his ideal and the external world was filled with the available media – books – because the world threatened to negate his ideology. It was easier for him to fall into his escapist fantasies than to synthesize the world with his ideal. This threatened erasure makes the Don, as well as the modern subject, concerned for the erasure of their entire identity.

Caribbean Rhythms Show Notes Episode 53

Ladies and Gentlemen, workers and bourgies, fashists and dirtbags, marxoids and pomos, high caste low class all and sundry… It’s time for Caribbean Rhythms Episode 53 “Old Left vs New Left” SHOW NOTES by Rogue Scholar Press! Nomadic lifestyle is anti-depression. Stefan George moved every two… The most important moment of the debate […]

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 40

Great show on two fronts: modus operandi of today’s left, ant*i*fa tactics… AND historical discussion of the Eternal Spearhead against the noble Aryan. INTRO:The Black Hebrew Israelites are unsung foundation of racial healing in Amerikwa. Please be sure to tune into Kingdom News Network for more info. Here is a quick overview of their beliefs:… […]

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 42

Section 1: CHAZ/CHOP – glownibga operation. Greatest CHAZ achievement: Bantu Cabbage Garden of Seattle Wakanda (pictured. glorious accomplishment.) Is not free state though, so really, we see what Wakanda is and always will be: astroturf attaq. Great @LokiJulianus uncover a fed fedpoasting. What do when the fed is also ant*fedtifa? CHAZ security is YPG volunteers, or lead […]

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 30: Against Roastie Supremacy

Episode 30: #CaribbeanRhythms Episode #30 Against Roastie Supremacy. In this episode many personal anecdotes and fewer notes, a poolside chat #BAPcast#BAPcast30 Cats claw: found at PipingRock. Passionflower Extract. Careful your vitality will catch the attention of border guards. The Troisgros family of France, first family of cooking, and alpinid… The Good Soldier Svejk , a precursor to Catch 22 […]


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