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Caribbean Rhythms Episode 44 Show Notes: Ex Oriente Lux

Heraclitus says All is Fire. The Leftists like this “All is One” business. It appeals to their “no boundaries” mantras: no borders, no sex, no species. Differences are “irrelevant” because produce hierarchy.

Introduction: Tat Tvam Asi, “Thus Art Thou.”

Heraclitus says All is Fire. The Leftists like this “All is One” business. It appeals to their “no boundaries” mantras: no borders, no sex, no species. Differences are “irrelevant” because produce hierarchy.

Why then did this “All is one” teaching produce unrelenting hierarchical caste systems?

Narendra Modi’s retractable claw. Perhaps a curse for his deviations from Hindutva group? or perhaps a blessing for his great service.

Online speculations re. Himmler:…

Himmler carried around Bhagavad Gita?I think the point of all this is: there is an enduring concern on the Right for the “fire of life” and many looked East for this. Why though? What is this EX ORIENTE LUX meaning?

BAP now talk Schopenhauer. It is through him that the East is most accessible today.Yes, Schopenhauer was a Hobbesian Monarchist Liberal, but these alignments mean different things in different times. You can see how he aligns with Right today through his Wrathful Eloquence directed agst Left Hegelian types of this time.

Schopenhauer: Jesus studied in India.Savitri Devi 1925 (Thanks @Semmelweis7)

She fought Christianity in India. The Indians rejected Christianity. The similarities in beliefs were not enough to bridge Semitic view of animal as utterly different from man, mechanical & soulless.

cf. Blavatsky… Buddhism is largely premised on a rejection of Semitic beliefs about nature. Hakuun Yasutani warns against … [Twatteer Censor]

Link to a Left-attempt to square their respect for Yasutani w/ his nationalism:…

Yasutani Roshi: The Hardest KoanBrian Victoria uncovers the wartime anti-Semitism of one of America’s most seminal Zen masters. Responses to this material from: Robert Aitken, Bernie Glassman, Bodhin Kjolhede, and Lawrence Shainberg

How does Ashin Wirathu make you feel?

“Carp breed rapidly, have violent tendencies, and eat their own kind and other fishes.” 2: Post Mars Bar Schopenhauer Discussion.

Alliance between Christianity and the Nietzschean / Pagan Right. Don’t let glow jigs manipulate you into self-defeating antagonisms.

If the Trads were really courageous they would denounce liberation theo & it’s images.

Tolstoy, D.H. Lawrence, Joseph Conrad, Wagner and now Houellebecq all influenced by Schopenhauer.

Houellebecq’s book:…The German Idealistic tradition (Kant, Hegel) came to an end with Schopenhauer. Just so, a near-scholastic tradition came to an end with the Buddha.

Abstractions must give way to dedication. What the Buddha taught was a way, that made its appearance as a religion. Reason is the latest and therefore weakest development in the animal “man.” Recapturing man’s true path means recapturing his animal innocence.

Nature is hidden by the accumulated detritus of false philosophy and religion. Reason has become the tool of domestication-partisans. The Buddha discipline… look, he was not surrounded by Stone Age Heroes. Nevertheless it is a practice set up AGAINST the household, the place of filth.

Why do men become listless? Look at animal: animals lose their vitality and innocence when they are TRAPPED. Nietzsche Gay Science #99:…

Wagner saw his works as a companion to Schopenhauer, tried to incorporate Buddhist themes into German Christianity.

But Buddhism’s central insight that leads to Nirvana need not lead that way and doesn’t always. 

Friedrich Nietzsche – The Gay Science : Book II – Aphorism # 99 (philosophy quote)

Nirvana, Moksha, Ataraxia all have the flavor of equanimity through renunciation. Freedom from the stream of existence.

The fact is that the popular mind reinterprets the concepts in this religious way, but is not their source or original meaning. 3 points:

1) Perceiving part … of brain is full of intelligence.

2) Systems of silence: inborn ways of willing, character–ways of perceiving World.

3)Primordial will is behind all things. It has morphed and entered the stream of existence, time, becoming.

Nirvana (abolition); Orgasm (affirmation) The moral conclusions (for abolition) are not the only conclusions that can be drawn. Affirmation is there as well.

We see this second choice more in (late) Tibetan Buddhism and the Shingon sect of Imperial Japan. The Tantric focus…Part 3: No more Quietism.

Karl Haushofer:…

Ludwig Klages:…

Wilhelm Landig (Thule):…

Léon Degrelle:…

The Mountains of Tibet make the Roof of the World.

Nietzsche: Improvers of Mankind…

Meister Eckhart:…

Rudolph von Ems (epic poet):… (Influenced by the Buddha)

Friedrich Nietzsche – Twilight of the Idols (Chap. 6)THE “IMPROVERS” OF MANKIND / My demand upon the philosopher is known, that he take his stand beyond good and evil and leave the illusion of moral judgment beneath himself. This

The Shadow of the Dalai Llama, by Victor and Victoria Trimondi:

Rudra Chakrin scares them and this is good. “These are war gods behind the mask of peace!”

A great show with many leads to follow. Thanks to @brongzeagemantis and look for notes next week by the Great Faisal @CypressRevival. oops I spelled it wrong above.

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