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Caribbean Rhythms Show Notes Episode 53

Ladies and Gentlemen, workers and bourgies, fashists and dirtbags, marxoids and pomos, high caste low class all and sundry…

It’s time for Caribbean Rhythms Episode 53 “Old Left vs New Left” SHOW NOTES by Rogue Scholar Press!

Nomadic lifestyle is anti-depression. Stefan George moved every two weeks…

The most important moment of the debate was the stark contrast between Trump wanting to stay open and Biden wanting another shutdown 

CNN: ‘All the Big Banks’ on Wall Street are Backing Biden Against Trump

Springtime Lady @Lady_Astor notes that Trump is Peronist…

“Neoliberalism” is a useless term for describing the current ruling system, and so is “cultural marxism.” Gramscian socialism is slightly more accurate…

Class struggle failed because Marx’s economic predictions didn’t come true. Working class experienced major gains from 50s to 70s in the West, rejected the marxoid left, voted for Nixon. Left felt betrayed & abandoned workers

Alain Soral clip:

Very good classical Marxist takedown of idpol in general from Alain Soral

Link to full clip…says many other interesting things

Originally tweeted by Bronze Age Pervert (@bronzeagemantis) on September 28, 2020.

The global oligarchy, the occupational class, is New Left in orientation. New Left vs Old Left is Tony Blair, Ibram Kendi and woke corporations vs Stalin, or Foucault vs Marx

You cannot be a leftist and be anti-establishment because all shades of the left are tolerated by the establishment, while the hard right is actively purged and suppressed.

There has been an attempt to redefine the frog revolt in leftist terms. Immigration & race are the key issues that reveal the fakers & usurpers. Marx’s prediction about the pauperization of the working class is coming true bc of immigration, but the new left won’t touch it

The left’s reversal on immigration…

The new left is a superior historical understanding of Marxism because Marxism was never about justice for workers and the poor, it has always been about inversion. Transfer of wealth to the global south Marxism is a desire to replace one civilization with another – James Burnham…

John Murray Cuddihy theory of Marxism’s origin in resentment against Nordic WASP civilization, desire to eradicate it because of feeling inferior

The Ordeal Of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss, And The Jewish Struggle With Modernity : John Murray Cuddihy : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Karl Lowith: Marxism is secular Judaism, continuation of biblical prophetic desire…

Continuity between Marxism and modern identity politics: F. Roger Devlin book on Alexandre Kojève. Kojève replaced desire for material equality with desire for universal recognition, this is what informs new left identity politics…

Convergence of marxism & capitalism not accident. They are at bottom same thing, reduction of man to mere economic & material being. Both Marxism & capitalism r driven by similar desire 2 reduce human to a walking stomach & reduce world to global tenement of economic calculators 

The hidden impulse of Marxism is the revolt of the chandala, the outcast, the biologically ill-formed, the low, against the high, the healthy, the beautiful. Primary targets: the family and the white race

Ethnicity always trumps class identification, the left learned this from experience such as in Africa and Asia…

Creation of Athenian democracy involved remaking of traditional Greek tribes

Cleisthenes’ Creation of the 10 Tribes of Athens

Nietzsche quotation from Twilight (38 my concept of freedom)…

When you coddle what is weak and deformed, you stifle what is strong and beautiful. It is so inside you and also within a society

Desire to fight, also compassion for the weak & the poor are noble motivations that are perverted by the left. Leftism is pseudo-rebellion & false compassion which does not actually help ppl it claims to care about, what Buddhism calls “idiot compassion”

Manifestations of Idiot Compassion

“Capitalism or communism” is a false dichotomy. Join The Caesarist party of healthy and honest demagogues!

One reply on “Caribbean Rhythms Show Notes Episode 53”

Interesting to se wat is below the fold. I non subscriber is disgusting faggotry I know.
Am thinking on identity of neo lib with contemporary marxoid jogger.. I mean true Identity. Is hard problem. I small brain. I boomer if honest.
Thenk you.


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