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When the Clay Meets the Concrete: A Review of Masculinity Amidst the Madness

When Bronze Age Pervert’s famous book Bronze Age Mindset came out two years ago I was happy to help promote it sight unseen. Bronze was always a friend to the anons large and small and was early booster for Faisal account, but the book itself was such a shift of personal Overtong Window, it’s surreal interludes so lewd and outrageous, I was puzzled. ‘Sh-Should I literally go to volcano and peer over the edge?’ ‘Do I need to recruit men and literally start a pirate ship raiding cargo ships?’ There are plenty of reviews of that book so I won’t belabor the point, but the depth of knowledge of classical and contemporary philosophy, combined with the surreal interludes and prose was in a sense Lynchian, in which a dream logic is required for understanding. One of the Pervert’s favorite movies, we all know is Mulholland Drive, which may be considered David Lynch’s Masterpiece.

Critics have noted that David Lynch has three types of films. Those that are set solely in the dream world, such as Inland Empire, Eraserhead, and Mulholland Drive is set in this way. Then there is his work that weaves in and out of the dream world and the conscious world. Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet fit into this category, where Kyle Maclachlan is a cipher for the concrete and logical man attempting to make sense of the absurd, supernatural, and nefarious events taking place all around him. But, the third and final category are films that take place solely in the waking and conscious world. Films like The Elephant Man, in which the conflict and dialogue are all crystal clear and there are no mystical or allusive mediums offering a cryptic message. Ryan Landry and BAP are not the same person, but they are friends, and Masculinity Amidst Madness of working strictly within the conscious and waking world while offering an exhortation to masculinity. This makes the insight and advice he offers more directly applicable for the audience.

The author, Ryan Landry, leaves little breadcrumbs as to his identity. It is clear that, unlike BAP, he is a family man. As a family man myself, I find myself more in tune with the insight Masculinity Amidst Madness offers. Ryan is obviously familiar with classic and contemporary philosophy, and he lays bare the situation of the American male in a world of feminized norms. In chapter five Ryan discusses what were to happen if a child were beaten or threatened at school.

One of the greatest tricks that the modern world has pulled is convincing people that they can trust in a third party to settle all disputes in a neutral fashion and that if they did so, they could even end up rich by using the proper channels.

This is a trick. The system has a gias of who-whom. It knows whom it wants to protect. Are you in their inner circle? Imagine telling your ancestors about these problems, local and global, and discussing how you are fine with a third party that is nowhere near neutral or fair being the arbiter of justice. They would ask you why any piece of paper would convince a stalker from harming your daughter.

Mr. Landry goes on, discussing the difference between contracts and confrontation, but for further reading I will direct you to Terror House or if you wish, go to Amazon to purchase. Upon reading and reflection, I find that a good market for Masculinity Amidst Madness is a high school or college graduate because it can provide some proper guideposts on, for example, dealing with women, or how to incorporate art into your life.

I was concerned that, as a Christian man, MAM would challenge or inveigh against the “softness” of Christianity. But MAM does not do anything of the sort. Instead, Ryan invites you to step back and look at the bigger picture. From Chapter 6:

Your family, your line, has a religion. It was made by men to honor the gods that they thanked to put you there. If you reject it, you must light a candle and explain to those who came before why you reject what they built. If you follow it, you must sort yourself within the religion.

Masculinity Amidst Madness, is a brief but effective manifesto, and the wisdom condensed within it is accessible and warrants several reads. Young men will need it a counter against the feminized programming they will face in social and broadcast media, and adult men will find it a worthy barometer to tell them where they are at and what they need to improve upon. Times like these need exhortations like Masculinity Amidst Madness.

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