Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 42

Section 1: CHAZ/CHOP – glownibga operation.

Greatest CHAZ achievement: Bantu Cabbage Garden of Seattle Wakanda (pictured. glorious accomplishment.)

Is not free state though, so really, we see what Wakanda is and always will be: astroturf attaq.

Great @LokiJulianus uncover a fed fedpoasting. What do when the fed is also ant*fedtifa? CHAZ security is YPG volunteers, or lead by such.

YPG (People’s Protection Units) volunteers return to amerikwa and work for ant*fa.

This is nothing new. Fed agencies see themselves as common-caused with ant*fa because was 1920s-30s org fought against both commies and fascists. They have left ops and right ops. Remember Norman Spear? Fed set up group with weak opsec to entrap:…

That’s not to say CHAZ is 100% glownibga sovereignty. Feds have long history of getting duped by people they think they control. Remember Camp Chapman attaq? CIA think it has good asset… then asset uses trust to blow up CIA agents in base.… many such case

We are being spun and gangbanged between lockdown, riots, and lockdown 2.0… it is time to put a stop! And even then… an emotional release is needed for the public.

President TRUMP!! The Bronze Age Pervert calls on you to put Alexander Soros in chains! Take away his glasses!And if you cannot put the son of that murderer G Soros in prison then … you must deliver Girlfriends for the Frogs. It’s the only way. Please Mr. President, when choosing, is best to consider frog taste in these matters.

Give BAP the Fed he Deserves! At least a little blowie.

SECTION 2: Thucydides and Fake IR-Academic Interpretations.

Academics can make careers morphing a common sense observation into concepts. “When a new power arises… this causes tension.” = “Thucydides Trap! *aren’t I smart with the old books?*”

Clinton Flunkie Graham Allison.

Thucydides was a half-Thracian. Upper class Thracian blood.

BAP Recommendation: Read Herodotus! see real differences in mankind: more than you can see today.
-Blaq seed in Ethiope
-Giant 1 footed man!
-Giant ant mine gold
-cannibal tribes in Steppe
-Egyptians peed sitting down like womans & cut penis.
-Colchi cut penis, Egyptian related.Friends… You see how the Phoenicians turn away from Egypt once they met Greeks? the punishment from the gods for our fake religions (masonic, wahhabism and especially Black Tranny Pride Year)…

we are being punished! The Bridge from Apefreaka is nearing completion…

SECTION 3: Back to Thucy

Peloponnesian war exhausts Greek vitality, permits barbaric northern Macedonians to take lead in world: Alexander makes world ready for Rome. And from Rome comes the West. This is main story.

Spengler alt story: West began 1,000ad. Athens rose through grasping: depriving other Greek city’s of their ancient liberties. Sparta decided to go to war.

Across the Greek world arose internal conflicts in every city between the demos and the aristocrats. True meaning of book… it is about the Blood Feud rivalry. What means that this rivalry appeared everywhere? This book is about the Manifestation of a Spiritual Moment in the Greek world. If something arises everywhere, is it … natural?

Corcyra is first where mania is unleashed: bk 3, 69-84:…

Greeks understood the purpose of life. Fuddy duddy conservatives who think the drive to divine self-perfection is the same thing as millennials in pajamas squirting off to internet porn… people are stupid.

Fuddy duddy conservatives bemused by BAP:…

Bonus Episode: Bronze Age Decius? – Ricochet

Corfu is beautiful. Former colony is why the architecture can be so nice. Venetian and British influences.

SECTION 4: BAP is anti-N*ZI Liberal, okay?

NAZISM was defeated from outside, much like Napoleon. Will it have similar effect as Napoleon’s vision? Hope not because that would be fascist. Here is the proper place for the “words change their meaning” quote from above.

Moral maniacs always interpret this in a moral way, but what it shows in fact is that abstractions are tools of those agile with words: these use words to screw their interests in place: your heart. This bloodlust covered with specious words is not new. The 1970s assassinations in Argentina have a similar feel. (Wasn’t Pope Francis kicking around there at that time?)

Here is one-sided wiki article on the bloodbath:

Here are the desires words cover over: lust for life, for eminence, and for superiority.

And this isn’t mere barbarism. There is something … the barbarians get confused too. They don’t live by Truth and Fact. We see their petty resentment and besotted lives everywhere today. 

SECTION 5: Nietzsche and True Buddhism Rising!

There is neither justice nor injustice in nature: only strict hierarchy. The unadulterated will to power you can see it in man, animool, forest, and even ROCKFACE.

Pictured: Niet talks Corcyra in Human all too Human.Nietzsche talks Thucydides in Daybreak (or Dawn):

The crown jewel of Greek life was not the philosophers, but the Sophists and Statesmen. They were a very immoral culture, i.e., an uninhabited culture.

You must understand the Huldufólk:…

pygmy dwarfs indonesian dwarfs…


Fren @FlightAstral has nice thred on true origins of Buddhism. Not hippy!

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