Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 40

Great show on two fronts: modus operandi of today’s left, ant*i*fa tactics… AND historical discussion of the Eternal Spearhead against the noble Aryan.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are unsung foundation of racial healing in Amerikwa. Please be sure to tune into Kingdom News Network for more info. Here is a quick overview of their beliefs:…

ANTI*FA (paramilitary branch of DNC and Oligarchic class)

James O’Keefe video Soros and Steyer:…

Support for leftist militarism runs across party-lines.
Mitt Neuter Romney
Salt-Stick Rubio
Paul Ryan (jus ghey no nickname needed)

RefuseFascism uses ANTIFA-like tactics, Organizer Claims they Received Money from Soros, Met with Steyer Advisor

They work under the cover of the authorities. Some notable attacks:

Henry de Montherlant…

& Pim Fortuyn:….

Catholic Integralism and the feds.

Adrian Vermeule had nice road to Damascus moment, very convenient.

Read about him at @NewAtlantisSun :…

and check out his fed-article with Sunstein:…

Integralism is a new tip of old Spearhead. 

Curriculum Vermeulae: The Work and Works of Adrian Vermeule

The Musicks!

1. Manila, Cal Tjader 

2. As Rosas Não Falam, by Cartola 

3. Triste, Elis Regina and Tom Jobim 

I couldn’t figure out what second music break was… Hatred of ROME by the EAST. But first, discussion of how East (near) and all the world came under Imperator Caesar Divi filius Augustus!

Marc Antony was chad land commander who got lured onto the sea.

Battle of Actium (31 BC):

Paglia on Marc Antony Chad Land Commander……Augustus prepares the way for Christ, Dante:

I also add one from Origen posted by some lefty Catholic who thinks… he thinks this is mandate for EU BLM Hegemony!

Okay now onto discussion of new point on old Spearhead. Religion is often a cover for other animosities. Constantine was able to save Rome and enrich Eastern empire, but this impoverished other subject states: especially Antioch (Syria+Turkey) & Alexandria (Egypt). Heresies…

develop as political response to political situation. Heresies in play here were:
& Ebionism:

Simple theology. Christ either man or god, not both. But main point is anti-Roman.

Roman Empire vs. Persian Empire (why not a show? Better than ghey GoT.)

Emperor Maurice deposed and killed by idiot Phocas in 602. Phocas’ reign of terror put down by Heraclius in 610.

Emperor Maurice daughter married to Persian emperor Khosrau II, invades in 610…revenge.After embarrassing defeats, loss of Jerusalem & its artifacts, Heraclitus is able to take offensive in 622.

BAP URGENT MESSAGE: “Many of you are much too soft. You give up at first sign of adversity. You blaqpill. You want Tump to be your daddy and you blaqpill when he can’t be.”Heraclius defeats the Persians in 627 in Nineveh. 629 Rome regains its lost provinces and Heraclius brings cross back to Rome. Yes, very nice.

Read Runciman…


Wiki on the conquests:…

This is difficult to believe. But there is another theory…

TRUE ORIGIN OF ISLAM (sinister theory!)

Heraclius did not actually take the provinces back. Wouldn’t be the only time Rome fabricated its history. See Gibbon on Alexander Severus (I.5).

No, the Persians held onto those provinces and lost them in an uprising/civil war to Arabs.

Mohammad wasn’t even a real person.

Robert Spencer:…

Emmit Scott (Were the arab conquests a myth?)

Were the Arab Conquests a Myth?

German Linguists on the Koran (1/3 makes no sense):
Christoph Luxenberg:…
Günter Lüling:…
They argue that Koran is in fact a forgery, or plagiarism. Was originally a Christian devotional text written in Syriac. Khosrau II was converted by his wife to Nestorian Christianity.

It was a Nestorian Christian empire, not a Zoroastrian nor an Islamic one. Until a great civil war under the Umayyad caliphs.

Mohammad was originally Syriac name for Christ… first coins depict him w/ cross.

He was retconned into a prophet after-the-fact to help justify Arab attaq on noble Persian masters. Much like Nietzsche say about the priests and Israel.

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