Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 49

It is great joy to announce show notes from Caribbean Rhythms episode 49 : Political Mix III from Bronze Age Pervert ! He discuss the ballad of Luka Rittenhouse, his own persecution, and Japan for the Otaku’s out there! @bronzeagemantis

Caribbean Rhythms

The most important broadcast of the century. Weekly high-energy samizdat emissions from a tropical refuge out of time. We fight the new Babylon!

BAP mention Edward Luttwak interview, where he discusses Human versus technological intelligence. Hard to find specific interview, but a useful video here. Rittenhouse was of the same stock of Americans that became astronauts, as documented in Tom Wolfe book “The Right Stuff”…

Arthur Gobineau, a show favorite, in an essay on “The inequality of the Races”…

Here at BAPexandria we are only interested in studying history.

The Argentinian AAA…

Organization Consul…

Segment 2. BAP uses his recent negative coverage to illustrate the masculine direct confrontation versus the feminine “Building a case” BAP is in hiding now, where?

Entire Soro$ media attaq stems from single blog poast in Vassar.…

The negrito peoples, is not ethnic slur!

BAP says tagalog language, not filipino people, is ugly

Ferdinand Magellan when he explored the Phillipines discovered the Negritos, and some other unfortunate occurrences.….

Magellan Killed in Philippine Skirmish

Niccolo Soldo discusses The New American Colonialism on hot news website Revolver.…

or can watch on episode 12 CR: 

The New American Colonialists: The Anti-Imperialist “Woke” Left Exports Cultural Poison to the Entire World – Revolver

To learn about cultural revolutions, read about ghoul Michael McFaul


Segment 3: Japan recent events.

With the stepping down of Shinzo Abe, who will inherit Japan? Pictured Ishihara Shintaro and Yukio MishimaWill Taro Aso succeed Abe? Here, Aso makes some, startling admissions.

Japanese minister Taro Aso praises Hitler, saying he had ‘right motives’

Aso has considerable OTAKU credentials.…

The Nippon Kaigi, an ultranationalist INSTITUTION of Japan…

Who? Me? Otaku?

Another Right Wing candidate for ascension is Taro Kono.…

Aiming for top job, Taro Kono seeks to solidify his support within LDP=

Taro Kono was a member of the Sunrise Party of Japan.…

This was founded by Ishihara Shintaro, Nationalist author and mayor of Tokyo

Ishihara Shintaro | Biography & Facts

Mishima broke his friendship with Shintaro over the latter’s decision to enter into politics. After the Banquet is Mishima’s critique on parliamentary democracy…

Ishihara Shintaro’s novel “Season of the Sun” won awards and was a bestseller in Japan.…

Very popular in Japan, but only translated in abridged form in English….why is this?

Taiyo no kisetsu (1956) – IMDb

Herb mix of vitality
Chaga mushroom…

Theanine for in the morning.…

Eleuthero or Siberian Ginseng. Are you man enough?…

L-Theanine: Dosage, Benefits, and Side Effects

Finally a shout out to Mystery Grove…not so small account anymore…WOW!

Keep eye out for long term archive on

Stay tuned next week for notes from @RogueScholarPr

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