Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 32

Cathars and the Noble Lie

St Corbinian and the Bear

Reinhold Neibuhr and the Noble Lie

A section from Popper and Leo Strauss in wiki entry on the Noble Lie

Plato’s Republic book 3 with a quote on the Noble Lie

Write up on Eric Jan Hanussen

The Albigensian Crusade

Cathari and write up on the Perfecti

Otto Rahn the original Indiana Jones

A little about the Cathars, their castle stronghold

A chapter from Hillaire Belloc’s books on the Great Heresies entitled “The Albigensian Attack”

The Persian prophet Mani

The Troubadours of France

The Paulicians, a gnostic sect which may have persisted into the Cathars

A write up on the Bogomils, another Gnostic sect

Steven Runciman’s book: the Medieval Manichee

The Waldensians:

The Cagots, an “untouchable” caste in France

St. Corbinian

The Gallic Empire, one of three breakaway empires from Rome for a short period.

Queen Zenobia of Palmyria. Not related to Xenophobia

Finally BAP has wild speculation on the cult of Moloch….careful!

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