Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 31

Timoleon and the siege of Syracuse

Interesting book on the topic of Timoleon, by Plutarch

A List of the tyrants of Syracuse, you can think of them as “bosses”

The Mythology of Persephone

Interesting write up on triremes, which Timoleon used to take Syracuse

Dante viewed Brutus and Cassius, along with Judas, as the worst of sinners in the ninth circle of hell.

The story of the 47 ronin, which acted like drunken idiots so that their enemies let their guard down….wat mean?

Early in the show BAP mentions the health minister of Belgium and the new rules…very disrespectful!… Actually I THINK this is the Dionysius the tyrant that exited when Timoleon showed up in Syracuse

Hicetas, the villain of Syracuse, deposed by Timoleon

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