Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episodes 20-24

Episode 20:

7 Days in May:

Good Man Edward Luttwak

Conversations with History with Edward Luttwak:

Luttwak’s “The Grand Strategy of the Soviet Union

Luttwak’s “Coup d’Etat

Michael Ledeen, boss level neocon propaganda. Not a shill.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Distribution of the R1A Haplotype:


The Elamites, Bronze Age Civilization:

Sintashta Culture, Bronze Weapons manufacturers:

Elena Kuzmina, Russian Archaeologist:

A little bit on Zoroastrianism:

On the “Transvaluation of Values”:

Episode 21

Street Game and HBD

“You Look Beautiful…You look beautiful…You look Beautiful”

  1. Gregory Cochrane 10000 Year Explosion:
The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution

2. Razib Coon:

3. The Kikkuli Text, an ancient manuscript of training manuals for chariots:

4. Semitic Aryan race the Hyksos:

5. The coming of the Greeks by Robert Drews:

6. A write up of Marija Gimbutas:

7. Original HBD thinker Arthur Gobineau:

8. Useful translation of Nietzsche’s The Gay Science (get head out of gutter, is good book):

The Gay Science by Friedrich Nietzsche

9. The Tuvan culture:

10. A primer on the so-called Red-Brown Alliance:

An Investigation Into Red-Brown Alliances: Third Positionism, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, And The Western Left

Episode 22

Venice and Nationalism

BAP once again mentions menaquinone4 and specifically this spectacular tweet:


and this other classic from mena:


Xenophone’s Anabasis: BAP will direct miniseries

History of Venice by Julius Norwich:

A History of Venice by John Julius Norwich


Byzantine General Narses – “I will spin her such a skin that she will not find the end of it in a lifetime.”

The Gothic War:

BAP watched Man in High Castle TV show which had heavy handed moralizing. The original Philip K. Dick book in 1962 was very good though and was a more even handed treatment on “what if the axis powers won”?

Episode 23

AIDS denialism, viruses, and Gossip Girl notes

“Yes high I would to order the Creutzfeld-Jacob Mabo Tofu!”


Manifold Destiny, about solving the poincare conjecture:

Grigory Perelman  says If the proof is correct then no other recognition is needed. ShingTung Yau isnt so sure.

Robert Gallo, one of the pioneers of discovering HIV:

Luc Montanier – French acknowledged discoverer of AIDS:

PD Mangans website…:

Peter Duesberg, PHD. Professor of Cell Biology at Berkeley and HIV dianlist:

Nobel Prive winning scientist who invented PCR Kary Mullis…AIDS skeptic:

BAP’s earlier mention of how AIDS model is induced in mice:


Link to the website the screen shot is from:

Episode 24:

Special Men of Power series featuring Mike Hoar. Some enterpising forg will put this man on t-shirts


New peter Schweizer book featured on Michael Savage:

Elizabeth Warren and her “anti-corruption” racket:

Wagner, Gotterdamerung: Siegfried’s Funeral March:

Write up of Barry Lyndon:

AFter his adventures, Mike Hoar wrote several books of his explts including the Congo Mercenary:

Mike wrote a down the middle account of the Cathars (tough luck Catahars)

The Last Days of the Cathars

BAP discusses the Simba rebellion:

Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner:

Movie about the Wild Gees:

The Seychelles affair by Mike Hoar:

9781581606577: The Seychelles Affair

James Burnham, The Suicide of the West:

Bob Denard, mentioned in BAM:

Mad dogs fighting other peoples wars by Vinter:

Africa Addio, a mondo documentary:

The Kogamato, and the thrill of the hunt:




The Brotherville School of Economics…… YOU GIVE ME DAT

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