Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 47

It is my great pleasure and honor bring to you notes from @bronzeagemantis episode 47 of Caribbean Rhythms, Globalism versus Colonialism, featuring Gemal Harris and Leftist sissy fantasies of bondage themed gulag fantasies!!!!!!

Haitian paramilitary force the Tonton Macoute…

Papa Doc Duvalier leader of Haiti who was a truly enlightened black nationalist

François Duvalier | president of Haiti

Mobutu who was thought to turn into a leopard after death.

Revisited – Congolese nostalgic for era of Mobutu, the ‘leopard of Zaire’

Part of leftist fantasies, movie Audition 1999, (careful, not a promotion!)

Segment 2 on Colonialism and finishing a series on Van den Berghe
Frantz Fanon, An Afro Marxist who misread Fichte

BAP gives special promotion to PeterHopkirk Respecter, maybe you follow?

South Africa founding myths, such as The Battle of Blood River:…

The Great Trek of the Boers

BAP discusses the Calvinism of the English giving rise to the spirited type of Colonialism in Rhodesia. Rhodesian expert @PunishedBag makes submission here aha ha

Great Trek | South African history

Theodor Herzl, powerful Zionist that modeled and learned from Wandervogel movements of Germany.

Wait is BAP Zionist? Please sound alarm…

Very Important article written by Winston Churchill in 1921 on Bolshevism versus Zionism. Who are the elite and what happens to the peasants?

Ron Unz article on Voldemort

Ideological Purges and the Lord Voldemort Effect

BAP cites his article on Hazony. Maybe you haven’t read it yet….you should!

BAP on Israel’s Problem

Segment 3:
Popular English commentator for City Journal Theodore Dalrymple, and his articool “Out of Africa”

Out of Africa | The American Conservative

Lorenco Marquez Portuguese explorer of Mozambique…

The Malaysian Uprising and how did the English subdue it?

Segment 4, a heroes Gallery
Lord Wellesley…
Mikhail Skobelev…
Francisco Pizarro…
Hernan Cortes…,_1st_Duke_of_Wellington

Hernan Cortes

The Khanate of Khiva…

The Geok tepe massacre…

General Kaufmann of Russia…

Samarkand | History, Population, & Facts

Konstantin Petrovich Kaufmann | Russian general

The Anglo-Afghan Wars

Anglo-Afghan Wars | History, Significance, & Facts

Mikhail Skobolev:
“I hold it as a principle that the duration of the peace is in direct proportion to the slaughter you inflict upon the enemy. The harder you hit them, the longer they remain quiet,” Skobelev said after wiping out the last of the Turkmens’ resistance in 1881.….

Maps of Mozambique, Portuguese empire, and Rhodesia….Return to Tradition!

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