Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 45

For Episode #45 of Caribbean Rhythms Bronze Age Pervert imagines walking through the Hajj pilgrimage completely nude and covered in olive oil, muscles glistening in the sun. & all the the believers would come out of their houses & shrines, they would be in A-MAZE-Ment!

BAP mentions the travails and anecdotes of Ahmad ibn Fadlan, Arabic traveler and ethnographer who described the Rus as “perfect physical specimens”.…

Following some of ibn Fadlan’s anecdotes, BAP mentions a hypothesis mentioned in Richard Burton’s book “The Sotadic Zone”…

In Schopenhauer’s book “The Metaphysics of Sexual Love” he discusses the Aristotelian rationale behind pederasty….oof!…

Aristophanes understood human nature far better than the leftist Hegelians, as indicated in his play “The Assemblywomen”…

BAP concludes that class oriented leftists like Mike Tracey will follow the path of EcoAutist and Second City Bureaucrat.

Talmudic saying -If you cut the left side of a log, you still have a left side. For the second segment BAP exhorts us to appreciate Q anon and acknowledge the nudging of the boomer to our ways of thinking. Here is a video of Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn posts video featuring QAnon slogans

For the final segment BAP does a deep dive on Pierre Van Den Berghe who studied consociational approaches of ethnic representation in democracy and government.…

A primer on consociationalism

Consociationalism | government

BAP again references James Burnham’s “Managerial Elite”…

Julius Klein, former Trump supporter and turncoat wrote essay on Burnham…step towards the light Klein!

James Burnham’s Managerial Elite

Does this link show up …is this allow? Sam Francis follows in footsteps of Burnham in this book

Sam Francis on the Roots of Liberal Hegemony – American Renaissance

Van den Berghe discusses Belgium, Canada, and Switzerland, and you can reference the maps below.The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were examples of non-democratic Consociational States.In antiquity the Ottoman empire had a millet system that allowed certain degree of autonomy for non-Islamic religious groups

Millet | religious community

BAP mentions that Blaqs in America have been in a state of Stasis which is a greek term for civil upheaval…

The Managerial Elite have attempted to produce a Civic Religion of America which Robert Bellah discusses in detail here.

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