Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 43

It is my great pleasure and honor to present episode 43 of Caribbean Rhythms by @bronzeagemantis#BAPcast. The Politics of National Capitalism, a reflection on Peron and Argentina.The opening of the show Bronze invites Kanye to go strong style on Biden and compares Trumps bombastic style to polite pedophiles and criminals. Consider Dennis Hastert.…

Timeline: Key events in the rise and fall of former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert

Congress’s forgotten pedophile

The NBA’s George Floyd has some interesting discussion on the origin of the Israelites.…

BAP refers to his essay in American Mind- he predicted an increase in violence, and was mocked, no one is laughing now!

Conservatism in the Bronze Age

Ghoul Rick Wilson…

Shooting against Steve Scalise…

Violence against Trump Supporters

Five people shot, including Republican congressman, at charity baseball game

Roughed-Up Trump Supporters Settle With San Jose 

Lincoln Project cofounder Rick Wilson gets sabotaged by Colbert’s cartoon news anchors

For Contrast and comparison, BAP discusses the Argentine Dirty war, a period of turmoil from 1974-1976

The Argentinian Side or secret police…

The Montonero event

Dirty War | Definition, History, & Facts

Montonero | Argentine political group

The terrorism was brutal, targeted company execs, diplomats John Egan…

Victor Samuelson kidnapping, ransomed at $14 million…

A man of esoteric power formed BASED right wing militia…

Called the Triple A, AAA

The Peronists had a group called the FAP…

The Argentinians even froze bank assets, which had lasting effects on the peoples attitude to banks

José López Rega | Argentine leader

Triple A | political party, Argentina

Ghosts of 2002 ‘corralito’ spur Argentines to shun banks, stash cash at home

The Interahamwe Left has rhetoric very similar to Rwandan war factions.…

BAP briefly mentions Hassan-i Sabbah…

In another aside Argentina had massive lockdown against covid to no avail and yet Uruguay did not, and succeeded…wat means?

Uruguay quietly beats coronavirus, distinguishing itself from its South American neighbors – yet again

In the final segment Bronze has a general discussion on cultures of biological beauty, for example the nilotic people of the Sudan.….

The Scythians-who immigrated into Germany

Adam Smith : Wealth of Nations Book 3 chapter 2

“When the German and Scythian nations overran the western provinces of the Roman empire, the confusions which followed so great a revolution lasted for several centuries.” Netflix show “The Last Kingdom” on the barbaric nature of the nords

The Last Kingdom | Netflix Official Site

There seems an inborn preference for the dolichocephalic or elongated skull.

#Peru A deformed skull from the Paracas culture in Peru. Scientist believed that this type of skull belong t… | Deformed skull, Science photos, Ancient discoveries

Leni Reifenstahl, strong female documentarian, portrays a powerful nude bodybuilding race in a photoshoot….Is, is this what the Moderate Centrist Party will look like? This looks exactly like the SS, I cannot tell the difference.

Leni’s full story:…

Susan Sontag started her career kvetching about this, discussed here:…

Great thinker Spandrell who coined “bioleninism”


Camille Paglia also discusses art and beauty. BAP has great monologue at the end, you must pay to listen…you must submit!

For Camille Paglia, the Spiritual Quest Defines All Great Art

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