Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 41

Well fellow BAP-stafarians, it is once again that time to review notes from latest Episode #41 of #CaribbeanRhythms from good frand Bronze Age Pervert.

Bronzie reminds us to keep our cool and “Use the Fox”Sorry Black America, this is real life the Olmecs are the new chosen golem

Ramon Laguartia, who is ethnically cleansing Pepsico of Blaq representation…

The ethnic cleansing of Black bodies from their safe spaces!

Attack on family in Compton latest incident in wave of anti-black violence

French widespread protests against gay marriage which morphed into protests against third world immigration.

Debates and rallies aren’t framed in Europe the same way they are in America. Careful!

Big anti-gay-marriage rally in Paris

Matteo Salvini came from Lega Nord and was affiliated with neo-paganism and has become an Ice Cream Nationalist. Is good!

BAP mentions the emergence of the Khazar empire and it’s mass conversion to Judaism for political purposes. Really a fascinating story.
Arthur Koestler’s book The Thirteenth Tribe…

Edward Luttwak’s book Coup d’Etat. Always go for the news stations first.…

Saul Bellow and Norman Podhoretz, mouthpieces of the elite (boo)

The Book That Scandalized the New York Intellectuals

Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie

Haile Selassie I | Biography, Accomplishments, Death, & Facts

What level of drip is this? The rivers of BAP-ylon will run red with the blood of our enemies Emperor Selassie!Carlists, the ultra-right wing faction of Spanish Catholics that were to the right of Franco.

Additionally, the first Carlist war

Spain – Isabella II, 1833–68

Carlism | Spanish political movement

BAP speaks of the essays of infamous Thomas777 of the Salo Forum. The gospel according to Thomas can be found at Salo Forum.

h/t to optics king @AutistLvsMatter

The Gospel According to Thomas777

Brilliant commentary from Thomas777Save the Whales, one of many astroturfed movements of the 80s

Remember the 80s? Let’s save the whale again

Many of cousins get these great loans for immigrants start smol business. Am underpriveleged person of (Blue eyed ) color!

The Best Small Business Loans and Grants for Immigrants

Many Franco defenders, with families and good looking, gave the Roman salute to prevent the commies from exhuming Franco’s body.…Some of the many whites still thriving in Venezuela.

La Colonia Tovar: The German alpine village in VENEZUELALa Colonia Tovar, an isolated town set in the tropics of the Venezuelan forest, is known as Germany in the Caribbean thanks to its quirky Germanic appearance. ‘ play Lysistrata…Come back Heartiste we miss you!

Chateau HeartisteWhere pretty lies perish.

Once Denmark’s social democrats incorporated nationalism, it was game over for nationalists…think about it.

Don’t learn the wrong lessons from Denmark on nationalism | Umut ÖzkırımlıThe Danish centre-left aped the far right to win an election. There’s a better way to deal with people’s fears, says Umut Özkırımlı, a political scientist based at Lund University

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