Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 39

My frends am tell you is my great pleasure bring episode #39 notes from Caribbean Rhythms from @bronzeagemantis !


Await the call for the signal to protect Trump at all costs!Lord Lloyd, the Tory Imperialist, quipped, “The Jacaranda’s are in bloom, soon we’ll be sending for the gunboats.”…

The Comancheria, the territory controlled by the Comanche…

The Aryan is the cousin of the Comanche and the native European ruler

The Watts riots, nothing really comes of these…

Watts Rebellion

The jacquerie, a peasant revolt highlighted in a tale of two cities.…

A recent CNN interview of former Russian Oligarch Khodorkovsky with a documentary praising his name

Becoming Putin’s nemesis – CNN Video

BAP floats a theory of word on the street on the Minneapolis 3rd precinct…you’ll be shocked to hear this! Below: standard write up of the

Minneapolis police 3rd Precinct building on fire; city asks those in area to move away due to potential gas leak

The Tailhook scandal, which was used to purge all masculinity from military leadership.

Tailhook scandal | United States history

James Mattis recently criticized Trump…what apps does he have on phone?

James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution

Japan has a “community policing model” which gives broader power to each policeman within his zone.…

Sharing the Community-Based Police Model / The Government of Japan

BAP discusses how foreign the idea of “warrants” are in Haiti under Doc Duvalier, in one of his favorite books “The Comedians” by Graham Greene

Greene in Haiti: From February 6, 1993

Every company is asking you to black out your IG for BlackLivesMatter…funny joke…be carefule about the black cube of saturn (Careful!)

BAP discusses the Bergen Belsen security line of the airports…

BTW related to Black Cube….look it’s just a coincidence am promise

Read Israeli spy firm Black Cube’s secret pitch to clients

When a woman turns 29 and has no children she begins to feel the St Vitus dance of Paroxysm and misattributes the cause.…

Is it possible that the great Menaquinone 4 returns?A write up of James Burnham’s book, Managerial Revolution

James Burnham’s Managerial Elite

Victoria Nuland (shrug) , the reality of our current “elite”

Victoria Nuland

Czar Nicholas the 2nd had made some missteps preceding the revolution, including the costly ban of Vodka…

When the Tsar banned booze

Nicholas II

Anton Chekhov’s short story entitled “The Peasants”

Peasants and Other Stories

Kurosawa had illustrated the physiognomy of the peasant vs. the Samurai in the Seven samurai.

Seven Samurai

The Great Leap Forward of China…again peasants

Great Leap Forward | Definition, Facts, & Significance

BAP paraphrases Nietzsche when he says, “to be good is to be bad” . Nietzsche has many iterations on this quote including below. Illustrating the complete mockery and inversion of Christianity in BLM

The ancient god Moloch

Moloch | Definition & Facts

BAP teases the story of :
Baron Roman von urman sternbergs

The purifying fire of the wheel of Dharma

Many enjoy the musics, todays finale is Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto…

Bobby Fishers famous 2001 interview 

Ridicule is the kind of movie you watch that demonizes the upper classes

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