Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 37

All right Gang it’s time for Episode #37 notes from Caribbean Rhythms by @bronzeagemantis This one was a whirlwind, buckle up. Zagreus tried several toys to distract the infant Dionysus, using an apple, top, and mirror…Glycine the amino acid has a calming effect

What is Glycine and What Does It Do | Metabolic Maintenance

Obama and the Fentanyl nation

Obama officials failed to focus as fentanyl burned its way across America

Very interdasting article on urban life and changes in the germline

Biologia Futura: adaptive changes in urban populations

Von Stauffenberg’s plot to assassinate Hitl0r

Carl Schmitt a German Philosopher…

The Traditionalist Samurai formed the Dark Ocean Party

Rudolf Hess and the Thule Society (careful!)…

Rudolf Hess at the 1934 Nuremberg rally

Herodotus said “I know the secret but I’m not allowed to say it” On the Eleusinian Mysteries

Hesiod’s Theogony…

A write up on the Chaos Gaia Uranus progression

Uranus | Myth & Summary

The Hecantoncheires or hundred handed beastA background on Nemesis

The Children of Nyx in Greek Mythology

The Youtube channel “Survive the Jive”

Apollo and the serpent

Artemis: What was advertised vs what was delivered

On Artemis: related

Venus of Williamdorf….pre-Aryan expansion Europe

Two quotes from Birth of Tragedy, first here

Birth of Tragedy quote 2

The entire PDF of Birth of Tragedy can be found here

The white faced villain, with a message, from David Lynch’s Lost Highway

Finally “At the Mountains of Madness” by HP Lovecraft…

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