Show Notes

Caribbean Rhythms Episode 28

#CaribbeanRhythms#BAPcast episode 28

Colonialism Mindset Movie about South Boston “The Town”

Pierre Van den Berghe The Ethnic Phenomenon Guru to @Steve_Sailer

F Roger Devlin – Heartiste where are you

Russian play Olbomov

Theo Vinneman author of Europa Visconia, Europa Semitica

George Borjas video on Immigration. @CityBureaucrat has links to more

Edward Banfield book The Unheavenly City

The Doric temple of Segesta in Sicily

Carthage colony in Sicily

Greek Colonies of Italy

Jacob Burkhardt the History of Greek Culture

Wiki explaining the four major tribes of Greece

Sybaris of Magna Graecia

Emperor Hadrian of Rome who larped as a Greek.

Finally St Patricks day, who does it better?

Finally last one do you know of someone who suffers from FECAL AlCOHOL SYNDROME ?

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